At Genuine Wealth, our advisory practice is focused on proactively looking at the big picture of our clients’ financial lives. We have a vested interest in each of our clients, moving with them through all of life’s transitions while keeping their fundamental values and goals in mind to ensure they achieve financial well-being on a greater scale.

Uniquely successful in their own rights, our clients have many commonalities that we recognize and respect. Our clients:

  • ​Understand that in order to have long-term financial peace of mind, they need a comprehensive wealth and asset management plan designed to fit their varying needs at each stage of life
  • Want to have some involvement in their wealth management planning, but truly prefer to enjoy their free time, families and success
  • Seek a trusted, unbiased and capable advisor who puts the client first, not the transaction

The process we have developed is a continuous analysis and review of client circumstances, portfolio, and goals assessment. It is designed to continually match the investment management of the portfolio with evolving capital appreciation, income, risk tolerance and estate planning needs.


We start with a detailed planning process aimed at determining a client’s financial position and his or her willingness and ability to accept risk. The result is a plan for achieving financial goals and against which we measure progress. Additionally, as goals and resources change, we can modify the plan to ensure we are still focused on the right goal(s).


Once client goals have been identified, we begin the process of implementing an investment strategy that is aligned with those goals. Our process is to combine various asset classes into a balanced portfolio, taking time, risk preferences, tax situation, and investment objectives into account.

​Clients often come to us having accumulated numerous investment and retirement accounts, assigned to the same goal, usually retirement or education savings. These accounts should be analyzed and reviewed independently to see how it’s specific objective is being met. Only then can we determine if an account is contributing to an overall investment plan. At the same time we work to minimize account maintenance costs, transaction costs, and taxes that erode investment returns.

​Evaluation and Feedback

Keeping an eye on changes in the market and changes in each client’s personal situation completes the circle. We continuously repeat the process, matching our portfolio management with evolving income and capital appreciation needs.